Psalms 23
Inspired Friday, June 23, 2006, 5 a.m. 

1.   You Lord, are my Shepherd; and because of that one thought Lord, I shall not want. I will declare to myself, I shall not want, there is no need that I have. There is no need of any daily supply. There is no need of help, no need of anything nor anyone because You Lord, are my Shepherd, my helper, my supplier, my confidant, my companion, my counselor, my love, my Lord and my living.


2a. You maketh me to lie down in green pastures: You take me when I do not know how to take myself and prostrate me before You in a perfect arena.


2b. You know my inhibitions, what disturbs me, what hurts me, what gets my attention, what makes me cry. So in Your leading me, You lead me by way of the places that calm me, take away my fears, comfort and console me and make me full of hope.

      “Thank You for filling me with Revival and Hope”, “Christ and Christ”


3a. You restoreth my soul. Hallelujah!!! You give energy to my mind, will and emotions. When I would to shut down on thinking and feeling, You restoreth. When I have declared that I will avoid hurtful situations, You restoreth. When I have come to my wits end (my mind just won’t function), YOU RESTORETH!! Hallelujah, You Restoreth. Thank You Father for Restoring and Reviving. Thank You Father; Thank You Lord!!!


      (Song) “Thank You Lord, thank You Lord, thank You Lord, I just want to thank You Lord. You’ve been so Good, You’ve been so Good, You’ve been so Good and I just want to thank You Lord. You’ve been my Friend, You’ve been my Friend, You’ve been my Friend, and I just want to thank You Lord. You saved my Life, You saved my Life, You saved my Life, and I just want to thank You Lord.”  “I thank You Lord.”


3b. Father with all my weary ways, fallible faults and obstinate obsessions, You still manage my life inside of Your righteousness, inside Your Son, inside Your Holiness, to save Your Name; so that I bring no shame to Your Name.


4.   Thank You Father, Lord, that You are with me. That all that You are and all that You have are with me, and that there is now no fear.  It is You that has delivered us from so great a death and because of our foolishness, we bring ourselves to places of death. But yet, You doth deliver us. Thank You Lord that such deliverance we will receive through salvation. We/I can now say that You will yet deliver us/me.


5.   After opening my eyes to You as Shepherd, and now understanding a little of what that means, so much so that it eliminates my wants, enables me to lie down in peace regardless of surroundings; and cause me to walk to see Your handiwork and that You are still in control of Your creation; that restores my soul which leads me to faith of being used as an instrument of Righteousness regardless of the arena, because I am comforted by Your Presence, Power and Peace and I “Overcome Death by Your Overcomers Life.” And, in doing such a work in me to cause a work out of me (Philippians 2:12-13) during supper time, (my place of replenishing) is already prepared even in the presence of my enemies. And at that time of supping with You, I am Refreshed, Revived, Replenished and Restored. A fresh Power has come upon me, my heart and soul being overwhelmed with You so that I cannot contain it.


6.   WOW!! With this much going on, with this much, You Oh God, with this much work You have done, with this much preparation You have done, with this much You have done in me, around me, through me and for me, I am assured that You have commanded Goodness and Mercy to follow me, to plant wherever I am planted, to grow (and to grow for me) wherever I am, to be my bed to rest upon, to be my Aaron on one side and Hur on the other to still my surroundings. To wash, cleanse and restore me daily that I may be a path of righteousness (a path for Christ, a restorer of the breach.)


      Oh yes, there will be those moments of ultimate hopelessness, but the G.M., the General Manager, the Goodness and Mercy, (Rod and Staff; Restoring Savior) will comfort me.  And at the supping table I will be overwhelmed with Goodness (Anointing) and Mercy will overtake me.


      So regardless of...

1) those things that call themselves need; a place to lie down and rest (a home) or place to be still (in peace) or a refreshing (a vacation);

2) regardless of the work of Righteousness before me to

a) bring Glory to Your Name and

b) overcome death;

3) regardless of my Place and Time of Restoration for A&R (Anointing and Running over);

I will have all that I need (I shall not want), because You cause me to dwell in Your House forever, continually and perpetually fully.



"The Prayer of Faith for Revival, Reconciliation and Restoration"
Based on Psalm 23 


“Because Lord, You are my Shepherd, I command total peace (and Your Son is that total Peace), so I am at rest lying down quietly from the cares of the world. And now that I can lie down in Peace and Rest because you are the Lord (Shepherd) of my life, I can rise when commanded and move about because You Lord are Still and Calm in me, therefore, my surroundings become Still and Calm.


My mind, will and emotions (soul) are now ready for the Spirits’ leading to provide Righteousness (show forth Christ) in whatever place You plant me, and this Righteousness is to bring Glory to Your Name, Glory without shame.


Yes, the path may be surrounded by darkness and dark things, things that cause death; but I will fear no evil, I will overcome death. Because You are with me, Your Rod and Staff (Word and Spirit, Word and Power) comforts and consoles me.